Extr@s! Come and Get Your Extr@s!

So this is the "Extr@s Shop, a joke that me and BlueThunderFox were working on. We found some random junk and called it "Extr@s," so we decided to make a story & a shop out of it. (also ~ this was about two years ago)


Hi, I'm Suzie Stuff. My mother was Julie Junk and my father was Steve Stuff. They were junk hoarders, and they owned a shop called the Extr@s Shop. There they sold their junk for cheap. For example, they might sell a candy wrapper for 1¢. Now, they passed it down to me. Crazy, huh? Well, I have to do it for a living. Enjoy!
--Suzie Stuff
I'd like to thank my helper, Caroline Clean.

Types of Extr@s: Please notice that this is fake and there is not an Extr@s Shop. (sadly)