I draw (mostly) in the manga/anime style, and this page is most of my favorite sketches, paintings, and illustrations.
You can also check out my speedpaints, DeviantArt, PaigeeWorld, and Instagram.

LavenderTowne - Art of my favorite artist!

Misaki Mei - "Do You Want To Remember It Forever?" a coloring of a page from the Another manga. Submitted to a coloring contest on Instagram.

Kelly - an anime stylized drawing of ShadowKitten7

Neko Miku ~ This was my submission for a contest on PaigeeWorld! I won the participation prize, click here to see it!
Coloring by Aetherbug
Line Art by @yuratsuki on PaigeeWorld

Coco from Fairy Tail

Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail

Eevee #133 My favorite pokémon